Welcome to Fundamental ADI, home to Cannabis Equipment Funding, US Made LED Lighting for Greenhouse and Thermal Solar Power Plants.

Fundamental Lighting Solutions, a Washington State based company, is the Designer, Manufacturer and Funding Company of the Renaissance One Chip-Based LED Lighting Cart and Renaissance One Lighting Systems for Cannabis Growers and now Tomato and Strawberries. 

One of our clients has proven to increase fruit volume per plant in Cannabis by over 200% and THC/Terpene production 25% over the long-standing sodium lights in other room.  

These indoor greenhouse carts and lighting systems come completely outfitted with the R1 Tri-Color Cannabis LED lighting systems. The carts are built from durable aluminum alloy for heavy duty capacity and are commercially endorsed. 

We are now approaching our third generation of high output, lower energy consumption, better production results LED Lighting Systems for Cannabis, Tomato and Strawberry Greenhouses than any other greenhouse light we have been tested against.

As for the Solar Plants they are techno marvels of there own. Check us out and get back to us with your questions.

The Staff at Fundamental ADI.

© Copyright Fundamental ADI


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