Welcome to Home Farm, one of the leaders in home farm cannabis growing technology, featuring the Renaissance One LED Chip Based Cannabis Lighting Cart by Fundamental Lighting Solutions of Washington State.

The Renaissance One LED Lighting Carts for home greenhouses is identical to the commercial version and functions in the same way with the option of 110 or 220.

These LED chip-based lights and platform carts are made to increase your home farm cannabis crop production by 200-300% according to in greenhouse test results. See Lighting Carts page for details.

Each lighting cart comes with 5 Renaissance One lights, one 95% Energy Efficient Power Box, one 48w” x 48w” x 60h” lighting cart with our own plastic catch platforms that will hold 6 cannabis plants.  

The home farm greenhouse model comes with complete instructions on how to convert 220 down to 110 or wire into 220 and we leave it to your discretion to learn best Cannabis plant practices for maximum production results.  

Order yours today, plus shipping. 

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