About Wayne, Gerald, Carl and Bryan

Engineering Backbone -

​Wayne Bliesner Founder/CEO - Wayne started ADI / Fundamental Lighting Solutions in 2014 with over 20-years engineering and design veteran from Boeing. Wayne is in charge of concepts, designs and manufacturing of the LED lighting Systems.


Gerald Fargo President of Engineering and Head of Manufacturing - Gerald’s in charge of the engineering and manufacturing team, product development and designing manufacturing processes. He has bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Aeronautical Engineering. He spent 10 years working at Boeing, five years at Ford, and 15 years working Stirling engine and solar engineering applications.


Business Backbone -

Carl Bliesner COO - Carl’s in charge of the day-to-day activities, human resource work, accounting, managing the marketing team and branding of the products. He spent seven years working for Wayne Bliesner, five years in sales and marketing for companies including life insurance and online marketing, and three years as a small business owner.

Bryan Long Business Development - Bryan gets the word out on LinkedIn, Alignable and by phone to potential clients relating to Company Funding Services, Greenhouse Lighting, Out-Builders Lighting, Potential Solar Project Investors and Buyers. He also reaches out to resource companies and does research projects. Bryan is backed by over 40 years of work experience in customer service, sales and marketing.

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