Welcome to Funda by Fundamental. It just made sense for us to provide our clients with funding resources to help them be a good steward of their crop, reduce energy waste and afford to support their ongoing endeavors while taking advantage of the Section 179 Equipment Leasing Write-off Initiative.

Our new services include -

Testing Labs

Leasing of our Cannabis LED Lighting Systems

Leasing of our Cannabis Lighting Carts

Leasing and Financing for other Cannabis Equipment

Cannabis Credit / Debit Card Processing

Cannabis Insurance

Leasing of Non-Cannabis Equipment

Commercial Real Estate / Construction Loans

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Loanviser allows you flexibility in leasing and financing options in these key business categories –

Section 179 Benefits for Cannabis and Non-Cannabis Equipment Leasing or Financing.

Cannabis Credit/Debit Card Processing.

Cannabis Insurance Services.

Hemp and CBD Related Business Expenditures.

Lenders compete for your financing business relating to Commercial Real Estate, Purchase Buildings or Land, Renovate or Refinance Your Property, Raw Land, Developments, Ranches & AG, Construction Loans.


The ACG Equipment Leasing Service which carries a BBB A+ Rating offers business clients lower start-up financing packages beginning at $7995 and up on Non-Cannabis Equipment. If you are looking for Solar Plant funding for the ADI Thermal Solar Plant, Chris can help with up to $1,000,000 in loans to make your solar plant come alive.  

The Bespoke Financial Loan Service, provides Cannabis Businesses with Short-Term 90 Day Invoice and Inventory Financing Loans. Talk with Brandon today about your loan needs.

The Funda PayPal Leasing Service gives you the option of an out-right purchase of the Lighting Carts with Lighting System or the convenience of a 3-year, 5-year or 10-year plan.   With our PayPal Leasing Option (coming soon), you can start with a minimum one cart lease or one lighting system lease at a low 4% coverage rate on a 1 year pay plan.  

PayPal Credit

Testing Labs -

Wayne and our Testing Labs provide you with the same plant care and intent to achieve similar test results as our initial commercial testing on the Jack Herer Strain Cannabis. 

In brief, our testing lab uses the Renaissance One LED Chip-Based Tri-Color Lighting System over a nine to eleven week growth cycle period to decrease stems and leaves while increasing Cannabis fruit growth size by over 200% and THC / Terpene values by 25% over white sodium lights.

Tomatoes and Strawberries will be subject to different criteria.  

Contact Us on Leasing Rates and Duration for our Testing Labs.

Funding Recommendations -

PayPal (coming soon). To schedule our Testing Labs for your Cannabis or Tomato Plants please contact Bryan or Wayne via our Contact Us Form and they will get back to you for a more in-depth chat.  

Leasing of the Renaissance One Cannabis Lighting Carts or Lighting Systems -

The Renaissance One Cannabis Lighting Carts provides your greenhouse with space flexibility and increased production growth capabilities, the same as our Renaissance One LED Chip-Based Tri-Color Lighting System which is featured on the Lighting Carts.

Funding Recommendations -

Cannabis, Tomatoes, Strawberries - PayPal Open Volume

Cannabis - Loanviser $90,000 +

Cannabis, Tomatoes, Strawberries - Bespoke 90 Day Loans

Tomatoes, Strawberries - ACG $7995 +Leasing or Financing of Solar Power Plants -

The 100KW System (see Solar Plant Page) can be funded up to $1,000,000 by qualified business types by Chris from ACG Capital.

Yours in Funding Success,

Bryan Long - Business Development at Fundamental 


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