Welcome to the power of Chip-based LED Lighting for Greenhouse. Whether you sell Out-Buildings and want an extra income stream and service to offer your clients, you are a small Cannabis Home Farm or your a Commercial Cannabis Grower, with Strawberries and Tomatoes being added to our testing labs, you can benefit from our next generation growth systems.

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Since 2019 the Fundamental testing lab has improved the performance numbers on the Renaissance One LED Lighting System with new UL ratings.

The Renaissance One Cannabis LED Lighting Cart is built for commercial greenhouse applications but will also be available for home greenhouses.See Home Farm page for details.

These LED chip-based lights and platform carts are designed to increase your Cannabis crop production by 200-300% according to in greenhouse test results.  

Each Lighting Carts comes with five Renaissance One Lights - three white, 1 red and 1 blue.

A 95% Energy Efficient Power Box.

Each Cart is 48w” x 48w” x 60h” with Fiberglass Catch Platforms that will hold six Cannabis Plants.

There is plenty of data to support the 200-300% increase  in Cannabis crop production with the endorsement from Cannalife Solutions.

"The products Wayne and his investment group have supplied to Cannalife Solutions have been of the highest quality. We have found their LED Technology to be a massive advancement during testing and evaluation and are continuing to work with his group in the R&D process and into production. We have realized improvements in our productions values and are eager to increase our commitment to these valuable products in the near future". Sincerely, Scott B at Cannalife Solutions.

Production Increase Testing

Are you interested in finding out whether we can increase your fruit or veggy production output by 200% like we did in the Cannabis Tests using the (R1) Renaissance One LED Chip-Based Lighting System?

Submit your company and product info on our Contact Form. We will call you to ask a few questions and have you submit your crop of choice with payment and measure the results.


If you have a proven track record of selling $1,000,000 dollars or more worth of product in one quarter for a previous greenhouse supplier or manufacturer and you have an interest in selling the R1 Lighting Cart System feel free to contact us  via our Contact Form on the About Us Page. 

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