ADI Solar is a Washington State based technology designer and manufacturer of the Advanced Solar Array or Thermal Solar Power Plant and has spent the last 10 years designing, developing, and testing the components of the 100KW "Solar Array" is now ready to offer it to investors, property owners and Resellers.


ADI is at a point of preparing to commercialize in the Thermal Solar Power Plant market with production capabilities in 100KW and 10MW performance delivery range. Investors are welcome. 

100 KW -

The 100 KW Thermal Solar Power Plant can power around 20 Homes, a Hotel, a Convention Center or Small Business Park and requires 1 ½ acres to build the power plant on. 

10 MW -

The 10 MW Thermal Solar Power Plant can power around 2000 Homes, potentially 20 Hotels, 20 Convention Centers, 20 Small Business Parks, a Small Town and requires 160 acres of land to build the power plant on.

Also, you can add in Photovoltaic Cells in the open areas of the 160 acres and increase the day use power output by a substantial amount.

ADI Solar now has Funding available via ACG Capital for the 100KW Power Plant. Contact Christ on Funding your power plant today.

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